Black Friday. November 25th, 2022

Liberty Sports Park. Upper Marlboro, MD


Grades 2030, 2029, 2028, 2027, HS JV, HS Varsity

Guaranteed 3 Games + Championship

What is Sixes Lacrosse?

World Sixes Lacrosse is a new style of lacrosse introduced in May of 2021 by World Lacrosse. Sixes is an up tempo, high rep style of lacrosse played with 5 field players and 1 goalie. In July of 2021, the International Olympic Committee granted full recognition to the sport of lacrosse based on this 6v6 format. This was a historic moment for the growth of Lacrosse, as it puts the sport one step closer to competing in the Olympics in Los Angeles in 2028.

Naptown Holiday Clash Rules

  1. 5 field players, 1 goalie
  2. Substitutions made on the fly
  3. 1 faceoff to start game, 1 faceoff to start 2nd half
  4. Goalie initiates play after each goal
  5. No long poles permitted
  6. 2 15 minute halves, with 3 minute half time

Liberty Sports Park